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Hamptons Marketing specializes in Search Engine Optimization for Local Businesses and Local Searches, Google Ad Words Marketing and Email Marketing. We also offer Marketing Consultation.
HamptonsDirectory.com is part of our company offering Full-Page Business Listings.

Use either or both together, to increase rank and traffic to your website


What is SEO all about?

SEO is about improving and increasing the "Value" of your website to Google and other search engine scanners for free search rank and advertising.

This is done by evaluating your website and redesigning minor parts of it such as the homepage and install 3 programs into the site which you can use to advance important content over time, easily.

  1. Articles
  2. Video
  3. Subpages

You can quickly add content that Google will find valuable such as YouTube or your own Videos, sub-pages to expand on each important section such as services, and Articles (your own or farmed from article sites.) Once the redesign of the Homepage is done, we instruct and guide you on what content to add, and which keywords to use in the content you add.

You can also hire us to farm and add in content.


  • Evaluation of Site
  • Keyword Research
  • Redesign Homepage
  • Install 3 Programs
  • Consult & Instruction


What is Google Advertising?

Google AdWords is based on Pay Per Click Advertising. You pay a click through fee when someone clicks on your ads which appear on the right or top of Google Search Results.

SEO your site also works to increase the value of your website for both general search results and Google Advertising -it lowers per click costs, and increases the rank of the ad.

Keywords are the essence of what makes AdWords work.

In the attached PDF report(s) please select the Ad Groups that matter most. These show you a broad spectrum of Keywords people type in nationally, separated by ad groups. Please note there may be keywords that do not relate, we will remove them. We will discuss these at your next consultation.

Each AD GROUP offers one ad displayed on Google.

When someone types in a keyword, it will bring up your ad related to that AD GROUP and appear on the right or top of Google Search Results.


  • Consultations
  • Research keywords
  • Assign keywords to Ad Groups
  • Create Ads for each
  • Set cost per click
  • Set what towns the Ads will show
  • Set your Google Budget
  • Launch, test and manage your campaign

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